Onderwerp The possibility?Zondag 19 November 2006 
Doorten Bruin
Can u ever imagine that there is a websight created and a docters practice that the real goal is to stop the pain. Before, when I was a patient I could not understand how a man could get to the moon and come back to earth and yet, there is no soulution for backpain! My websight is not a joke and I hope that for the most serious sufferers of pain that they can find the way to Eindhoven. If I see anyone from this websight in eindhoven, I realize that people with back-leg pain cant pay for my treatments and what I will do is try to help anyone from this websight at no cost to there daily living expenses, I will try to do what any normal doctor shoud have done. I read so many sad story here on this websight and most ofyou are waiting for surgical procedures through the general healthcare payment system, and if I can possiblly help any of before that operation my # is 040-2369381, and I wont ask for any money from you...........unless you are better,and then only when-what the verzekering pays for my treatments I will accept as full payment. Beste, Dr. Conger